Difference Between Polished and Honed Granite

With its stunning beauty and remarkable durability, granite has become a popular choice for countertops, floors, and other interior surfaces. When you step into a kitchen or a bathroom adorned with granite, you might notice the luxurious sheen that it carries. But did you know that not all granite surfaces look the same? Two standard finishes, polished and honed, give granite distinct appearances and properties. Let’s dive into the world of granite finishes and uncover the difference between polished and honed granite.

Polished Granite: A Shiny Marvel

Imagine walking into a high-end hotel lobby or a glamorous kitchen where the countertops gleam like mirrors. This is the magic of polished granite. Polished granite undergoes a meticulous process that involves grinding and buffing the stone until it attains a glossy, reflective surface. This finish enhances the natural colours and patterns of the granite, giving it a brilliant shine that’s hard to miss.

Advantages of Polished Granite:

Elegant Aesthetics:

Polished granite is known for its elegant and luxurious appearance. The high gloss finish highlights the intricate details and colours of the stone, making it a focal point in any space.

Reflective Properties:

The polished surface reflects light, making the room brighter and more spacious. This effect can be particularly appealing in rooms with limited natural light.

Easy Maintenance:

The smooth and sealed surface of polished granite is relatively easy to clean. Spills are less likely to seep into the stone, making it a practical choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

Honed Granite: A Subtle Charm

Honed granite presents a different approach to showcasing the stone’s natural beauty. Instead of polished granite’s shiny, reflective surface, honed granite boasts a matte finish. The process involves grinding the stone to a smooth and even surface without the buffing process that creates the high gloss shine of polished granite.

Advantages of Honed Granite:

Understated Elegance:

Honed granite exudes a more subdued and relaxed ambience. The lack of shine brings out the natural colours and patterns without the distraction of reflections.

Soft Texture:

The honed finish produces a softer and smoother texture, making it an excellent choice for areas where you want a tactile experience, like bathroom vanities.

Conceals Flaws:

The lack of a high-gloss surface means minor scratches and wear are less noticeable on honed granite than on polished granite.

Less Maintenance:

While honed granite is still sealed to protect it from stains, the matte finish masks smudge, water spots, and fingerprints better than polished surfaces.

Choosing Between Polished and Honed Granite:

Choosing between polished and honed granite depends on your preferences, the space’s overall design, and practical considerations. Here are a few things to consider:


If you’re drawn to the elegance of a glossy, reflective surface, polished granite might be your preference. On the other hand, honed granite could be the way to go if you appreciate a more subtle, natural appearance.


Consider the specific area where you plan to use granite. In a busy kitchen, polished granite’s easy-to-clean surface might be a plus, while in a bathroom, the tactile feel of honed granite could be more inviting.


Both finishes are low-maintenance, but honed granite requires less attention to show smudges and wear.

Last Words:

The difference between polished and honed granite lies in their appearance and feel. Polished granite dazzles with its high-gloss shine, while honed granite offers a matte, understated beauty. Your decision should be guided by your design preferences and how the granite will be used in your space. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the beauty and durability that granite brings to your home.

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